Brazil – Engines for use in the marine and oil & gas sector

Mon, 10 October 2016

Market: Brazil

Sectors: Marine and Oil & Gas

Opportunity to supply engines to the Brazilian marine and oil & gas industry

DIT Oil & Gas Team Brazil have identified a gap in the local supply chain engines, used in the production development phase, for which we believe there will be market demand in the next 12-24months.

It includes Induction engines for marine and industrial use, continuous power engines and Synchronous electric engines for marine use. 

The team is now in the process of identifying UK manufacturers and suppliers of these type of products interested in exporting to the Brazilian market, either directly or through a local partner. 

If your company manufacture and supply these type of products and is interested in developing business opportunities in Brazil, please let us know and we will send you further information. 

This will allow us to keep you informed of developments relevant to you, and to raise awareness of your company with a range of major players with whom we are in regular contact as part of our market presence, as opportunities arise. 
Please register your interest preferentially by 20 October.

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