Tue, 09 February 2016

Marine searchlights for 4 vessels that can stand harsh winters and ice conditions.

Notice of Proposed Procurement:

Requirement to purchase of four (4) new XENON Marine Searchlights for two ships / vessels. The searchlights shall be a complete package with power supplies and multiple controls included. The searchlights will be designed to fit on vessels which operate in harsh winters and ice conditions. Searchlights shall be rated for temperatures as high/low as +/ -50 deg. Celsius or better. All searchlight components shall be seawater resistant with stainless steel hardware designed to meet extreme marine environmental conditions. The searchlights shall have the capacity to rotate beyond 360 degrees in the horizontal plane and a minimum of +/- 30 degrees in the vertical plane. The searchlights shall have thermostatically driven anti-icing heating element. The searchlights shall contain dampers to decrease vibration/shock transmitted from base. More specific technical requirements will apply.

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