Fleet disposal opportunities as Forth Bridge nears completion

Mon, 08 May 2017

The new Forth Road Bridge, (Scotland, UK) known as the Queensferry Crossing is nearing completion allowing the construction consortium to release some of its floating plant onto the market.

The Queensferry Crossing forms the centrepiece of a crucial upgrade to the transport across the Firth of Forth and a significant Scottish Government investment.

On completion, the 2.7km crossing will be the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world. In order to achieve the slender appearance of the towers and deck in an estuary prone to strong winds, engineers produced a design for extra strength and stability. As a consequence, it is now also the largest bridge to feature cables which cross mid-span.

Three bridges now adorn the Firth of Forth: the iconic red Forth Rail Bridge, the original Forth Road Bridge, soon to be reserved for public transport, cycling and pedestrians, and this tall silver newcomer, built by Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC) consortium.

For the project FCBC acquired a number of items of floating plant. Since 2011 tugboats could be seen towing barges with massive bridge sections; barges could be spotted bearing large cranes and crew boats to-ing and fro-ing, ferrying construction workers safely across the Forth – all providing general support for the bridge construction. Without this fleet, the project would not have been possible.

Their job now complete, all vessels are now for sale and ready for their next project.

Vessels for sale are: two Voith Schneider Tugs  (Tummel and Carron), five flattop barges ranging from 50-91m LOA (E1704, Isabel S, Robyn S, Sara S, Ana S) and 4 fast crew/safety  boats 12-50 pax (Fiona S, Tracey S, Nicola S, Linzi S). FCBC have nominated DSB Offshore Ltd as exclusive brokers for the disposal of these units.

The Queensferry Crossing is due to open in summer 2017.

Source: Jake Frith

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