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Mon, 14 September 2015

The Irish Coast Guard has successfully deployed a ground-breaking new information system designed to boost the organisation’s incident management and Search and Rescue functions. The new system, called Oversee, will allow for more effective and accurate responses to incidents, and forms part one of the Irish Coast Guard’s SILAS (Shared Information Logging and Analysis System) project.

The project aims to ensure the Irish Coast Guard’s operations are adapted for the future by delivering the most effective use of resources through better information management.

Developed by Critical Software, Oversee will now form an integral part of the Irish Coast Guard’s National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) in Dublin and its two Rescue Co-ordination Sub Centres in Malin and Valentia. Oversee will share information across all these sites in real time, providing support to incident responses through live resource tracking, information logging and tasking capabilities. These functions will be complemented by performance analysis capabilities, providing historic evidence of how incidents were responded to and managed, as well as tracking mission response times and resource deployment, amongst other things.

Chris Reynolds, Director of the Irish Coast Guard, said: “The Irish Coast Guard decided to upgrade our Command and Control operations system and required modern, intuitive and easy-to-use software in order to improve the capacity of our rescue co-ordination staff to efficiently respond to incidents. The new system will also provide senior decision makers and on-call officers with the information they need to better understand the top-level status of our Rescue Co-Ordination Centres, allowing them to make better informed decisions about operations. The new system was carefully chosen after a long procurement process and has successfully delivered on these requirements.”

Ricardo Maia, Business Development Manager for Critical Software’s maritime division, said: “Oversee has an internationally-proven track record, with organisations like the Portuguese Navy already using the system, so we are naturally delighted to have helped to bolster the Irish Coast Guard’s capabilities by bringing the award-winning system to Ireland’s shores. Oversee’s state-of-the-art technologies will help to improve the Irish Coast Guard’s situational awareness, incident response times, coordination, use of resources and risk awareness and management.”

The Irish Coast Guard is part of the Government of Ireland’s Department of Transport, and typically expects to handle 2,500 maritime emergencies a year, assisting 4,500 individuals and saving around 200 lives. It works closely with other national and international authorities in providing incident responses and also investigates around 50 maritime pollution reports a year.

Critical Software is an international company providing technologies and services for safety, mission and business-critical information systems across a variety of industries.

Source: Jake Frith;,-survival-and-training/information-saving-lives

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