New mobile workshop for propeller repairs

Mon, 21 March 2016

UK-based Stone Marine Shipcare has developed a mobile workshop for rapid response to propeller repairs worldwide.

It can be deployed at short notice anywhere in Europe by road transport and worldwide by shipping.

Fran Johnson, Stone Marine Shipcares’ operations director, said: “The mobile workshop will allow our service team to be totally self-sufficient when attending shipyards that rarely have the necessary equipment required to carry out large propellers repairs.”

The fully equipped workshop has welding machines, post-weld heat treatment, balancing, measuring and 3D scanning.

It has recently been deployed on its first assignment to carry out extensive repairs on the propeller of an oil product tanker.

The team previously attended the vessel and cropped all four propeller blade tips, removing severe bend damage and restoring propeller balance. The meant the vessel could remain afloat and resume normal service within 24-hours.

Measurements were taken to manufacture new replacement tip sections, two of which weight in excess of 500kgs, these are located inside the mobile workshop.

The vessel’s dry docking schedule is 14-days and the propeller work is planned to be completed within 10, this means the vessel can continue without delay.

Source: Alice Mason

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