Short to medium range self-contained lantern

Mon, 21 November 2016

Canadian AtoNs manufacturer Sabik Marine, part of Carmanah Technologies Corporation, has just launched the M660; a self-contained lantern for buoys and minor beacons with a visible range of up to four nautical miles.

M660 is the first Carmanah lantern, which can be programmed and controlled with Bluetooth Control in addition to programming with an optional wireless IR-programmer. This functionality makes for safer, cheaper programming due to a much reduced requirement for crew to access a towers or floating structures.  It is described as a high performance and cost effective lantern with Li-ion battery with a life expectancy up to 8 years. The M660 will continue the advanced Carmanah series of self-contained lanterns and will complement the existing M550 and M800 series.  

The M660 is the next generation version of M650H, taking this lantern to a greater performance and solar energy collection. M660 incorporates a 2.3W, 12V solar panel with high-efficiency solar cells in a diameter of 160mm and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection. 

Sabik says it also drives efficiency in stocking and shipping due to its low but very durable profile and light weight. This compact but effective lantern has four different mounting options; two pole mounting varieties (2,5” or 6cm diameter and 4” or 10cm diameter) and two bolt installation options with standard bolt circles 150mm and 200mm. M660 can also be equipped with an optional external charge port and ON/OFF switch.

Source: Jake Frith

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