Torbo Mate launches in UK

Thu, 28 January 2016

Ecoblast Supplies Limited (ESL) has acquired the sole distribution rights in the UK for Torbo dustless abrasive blasting systems.

The Torbo Mate, designed and manufactured in Germany, automates the blasting process via two jet nozzles, reducing associated labour costs and hazards.

“We are excited to announced our latest product innovation, as previewed at Seawork in June, is now ready for launch in the UK” said director of business development, Steve Thomas.

He added: “The Torbo Mate has been hugely successful overseas since its launch earlier this year, so we are looking forward to introducing this great new product in to the UK.”

The robotised Torbo Mate can be remotely controlled from a distance of up to 250m, and its magnetic impellers make it highly mobile.

Its radio control allows a high surface overage targeting blasting without effort to stop speed in areas normally difficult to access including beams and vertical surfaces.

The US Navy uses Torbo dustless blasting systems to enhance the productivity of their dry docks.

Lieutenant Commander, LM Christensen, said: “The Torbo systems have significantly enhanced our capability in the area of coatings removal.”

“The nearly completed elimination of fugitive dust emissions has allowed 100 percent capabilities for open blasting our dry dock.”

ESL are already working with businesses in the UK marine sector, with Andrew Weir Shipping being a key client.

Mark Causon from Andrew Weir, said: “We used the systems for heavy surface refurbishment and some industrial cleaning on our ship fleet.”


“A job that would have taken three men a full week now takes one man just two days to complete using the Torbo machine,” he concluded.


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