Chemco’s Environmentally Friendly Solvent Free System

Wed, 17 February 2016

Chemco are a specialist coatings manufacturer best known for high performing environmentally friendly coating systems, in line with environmental statements from companies and governments to reduce volumes of VOCs presently being released into the atmosphere. These systems give long term corrosion solutions to let you go about your business without having to constantly use short term paint materials.

Our coatings will outperform (in the real world, not just on paper) what is considered industry standard – whilst delivering a cost saving at the end of the day.

Over the past 30 years we have designed and applied a range of solvent free systems which are not only environmentally friendly, but exhibit unique properties largely unseen in our industry. Using our two product system of EPO-CHEM RS 500P and EPO-CHEM RA 500M it is entirely feasible to refurbish a complete vessel including all tanks (ballast, oil cargo, chemical products, crude, grey water as well as fresh drinking water), Decks, cargo holds, interior rooms, engine rooms and all external structures including outside shell, uniquely with the same system

This is a proven long term modern solution already in use by companies such as V Ships, Carnival, RCCL, Northern Marine, Norbulk, Maersk, Bernard Schulte, Hapag Lloyd, AET, the list goes on.  I am very confident in saying that we can save you money and coat any corrosive areas on your vessels for long term in service use. The benefits of utilising this system are:-

·         Solvent free painting – no need for dehumidifiers when working in tanks. This can be applied by crew or riding squad cutting down dry dock times.

·         Lower surface preparation with no need for dry grit blasting. HP water jetting (500-800 bar machine) and mech. prep is OK.

·         100% volume solids. WFT = DFT.

·         No dew point restrictions. Can be applied in soaking wet conditions as well as dry. No more excuses that the weather did not permit painting.

·         Fast turnaround as our system has the ability to cure underwater. Vessel can ballast within 24hrs!

·         Rust tolerant in that it can be applied direct on a cleaned rusty surface (WJ4, ST2, SA1) Chemco are the only company in the world to have a “pass” for application on wet and rusty steel acceptable to IMO standards.

·         No over-coating restrictions.

·         Compatible with all generic coatings, including coal tar epoxies

·         No major H&S concerns or fire precautions. Zero VOC

·         Class 1 approval from Lloyds for ballast tank management

·         Satisfies IMO PSPC MSC.215(82) for ballast tank maintenance and new build application.

·         Epo-chem RA 500M has FDA and NSF approval for use in potable water tanks

·         One of the highest in the industry for surface adhesion – in excess of 1200psi!

·         Hot work can be carried out without interruption to other trades

·         No storage hazards. No need for dedicated paint lockers and less confusion for the crew when performing maintenance.

Environmental policies are no longer arbitrary statements made by companies. Environmentally supportive purchasing activities have now become everyone’s responsibility and Chemco recognises this by offering simple turnkey operations together with an industry leading guarantee system. It is worth mentioning that our 100% solid solvent free systems supersede what other manufacturers are offering and for that reason cannot be compared like for like.

For any further information please contact the SSA on 0191 5678965

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